Wednesday, June 06, 2007


or work in progress: Angora scarf which made my mother thrust several very suspicious looks and comments like You're knitting? What is that? This way? and poked it in a disliking way. The only problem is that the corners are joined in a not really stretchy way and I don't like it. But it knits relatively fast... and it's been ripped like ten times already.

I got a handful of 40cm circulars so I felt an urge to try and returned to the forest sweater. I've been working on it from October. Sort of. Not really working, I guess.
Some sort of dress in minuscule gauge. Knitted on 3.5 mm needles. Killing, I hate it although I have to admit that it will look nicely.

And one finished object as bonus. Ten balls of Wollservice's Libella (I adore that yarn...)in copper, two balls of Diadrey mohair knit double - it's red and copper and cobalt blue, especially the cobalt blue makes nice accents, and some Fashion Trend Oro by Gedifra. Stripes placed randomly, only to make the colours blend nicely (the Oro's dark brown looked terrible in the vicinity of the red Diadrey or the Libella. Ripped a lot). I adore it although the gold flakes away and leaves mess all over.

Notice that I have the same nail paint as before.