Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Just things

Yestarday I spent the last food money on a book. Not yarn, folks, but an antiquary copy of Edda, Czech translation, published in 1942,with original litographs. Only around 20 euros. The binding is a bit ugly, I hate those marbled papers (not seen on the picture. Only the..... and now how is the piece of the book called? I know it's spina in Italian. The back as shown on the picture....)... well, only the leather part is in leather. The rest of the binding is sort of blueish-pinkish marble paper. Ugly.. I'll rethink it and maybe ask Martina, she studied book and paper design for a year, maybe she can rebind a book.
Actually I don't understand why people do not read things like this. There's everything. Sex, violence, more sex, more violence - why to watch TV, then? And I got only to page six in the metro.
The Noro sweater proceeded a nice bit but I laid it aside now since it is not idiotic knitting but sort of lacey and I cannot do it without looking a bit. (for those interested, *YO, P3, K2tog, K3*). I started the purple top for Sandy, that is idiotic knitting. In the round until the yarn is finished. There will be an inner layer, I'm being sophisticated.
And, I have many superb sweaters here so go and check. And buy something.