Thursday, May 10, 2007

Some knitting

I mentioned having knit a sweater over the weekend.
So, there are ten balls of Libella by Wollservice - the copper stuff, two balls of Diadrey mohair (knit double) and some Gedifra Fashion Trend Gold - the sort of grayish yarn. All are lovely fluffy and soft, I particualrly like the Gedifra thingie, I got it like a year ago thinking that it would be gray and when it turned to be brown, I was really pissed off and tossed it there and back until a project found itself. The Diadrey mohair is partly plain, partly bouclé and it stands out much less than on the pic... and the sweater will be nice, loose, thick and warm. I added another little improvement to my basic sweater recipe.
The blue thing is a cotton/something blend with some bead , I made another summer top for Sandy. I have a pack of that yarn in orange and blue..... so I might make another one. I think I found a victim to do my pics for the etsy store...

Tähti is shedding. I'm thus brushing her and I plan to try and spin the stuff.

A few hours later: I finished the Paris II - Cloud sweater. Mohair with viscose and metallic carryalong, I used around five and half balls of the stuff. Threre might be better pics someday (I guess I'm being too optimistic as usual).