Tuesday, June 05, 2007

The Doc tour

Part I.- at the dentist.
I phoned my dentist when I broke the tooth so she had some idea. So when I entered thesurgery, she asked Where, I said Down and back here and she checked.
Doc: What the........ there's no cavity there....?
Me: I guessed that too....
Doc: I thought it was the next one that has the big filling... but this is a totally healthy tooth! What the !@#$%^I'll do about this?
Me: Uhhhm?
Doc: How did it happen? (takes her hands away from my mouth)
Me: I was eating a nut and fruit bar, you see....
Doc: There was a stone in it? What nuts?
Me: No. Pistachios, why?
Doc: Not hard ones. I saw this once in my life before (and starts poking the broken and a tad esensitive tooth), there was a lady who found a steel nut (note: like, a nut that goes with the bolt. Not a peanut or so) in her stew by chewing it. But you ate your own tooth.
Me: Umpf.
Doc: I just wonder how the !@#$% I will fix it, there's no way how to do it properly.... there's no way how to stick some material to it. !@#$%, the crack goes up till the gum. How the hell you could bite off the cusp? So, I cannot use amalgam, it wouldn't stick to the surface, I would have to drill a big hole in the healthy tooth and modelling a cusp from it wouldn't be any good anyway. You bit it so badly that there's no good way how to fix it.
Me: Ehmpf?
Doc: !@#$%. Well, I can use some of the white stuff for fillings. It's not what I would recommend for fillings but it's stickier. And actually this is the only thing where it's better than good ole amalgam. Not covered by the insurance, though. And I cannot guarantee that it will last forever, well, I used this ionomer more times and it still holds but anyway, it can fall off, it's the cusp of the molar, you'd better not chew with it too much. No nuts, for that matter.

There was more cursing from the dentist, some poking at the back of my mouth - she even skipped her favourite Your teeth grow from the throat. Then I had to cough up something like forty euros worth which was actually much less than expected and was left with my destiny ahead and with a nearly dislocated jaw.

The next stop was my GP where I needed to get a paper sending me to some allergy specialist. Got a prescription for a nose spray and a few comments like Next time come earlier. NOt much fun for the two hours of waiting... well, at least I did some knitting and read a few trashy magazines.
Anyway, needed to go to the dermatologist which was on a lunchbreak so I was told to come at two something. I went downtown then,to have a bit of a lunch (something soft, preferably. The novocain stopped working and it started to hurt like hell) . However, soup always helps anthen I bought a Terry Pratchett book and a few hanks of yarn as a consolation.
The dermatologist is another dearie doc. I started to love her when she cured my well developed and pretty resistant fungal infection a few years ago.Well, I get it again which was the reason why I went there, this crap canbe pretty nasty... and I needed to remove a mole - was told that this one looks nasty and should have be removed long ago so I got an appointment at the surgeon and I could finally go home.

After my weekend paranioa that the place will get robbed again or that the cat will pee on the bedsheet, I was relieved that there was only a hairball on my chair and no disasters. I should relax more, I guess.

My jaw still hurts.