Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Backward look

No, I have no time to invent nice and cool blog entries.
Least week a chat friend and hr friend came and I was sitting at home and writing so I had no fun. And someone tell my mother that the chat places aren't full of perverted morons, there are people like me. Or you. And an occassional perverted moron but one meets such people for example at the cheese counter in the Tesco and doesn't stop shopping.
However, the girls had funand brought me candies and the cat like them and there were no problems.
On Friday I went to the local book fair where I bought two books, one of which is De vulgari eloquentia by Dante and the other one's title I forgot and I'm lazy to get up and look because I'm somewhat tangled in remaking the sweater I knit during the weekend.
I spent the weekend plus two days with Juha and other Finns at my parents' home and in the mountains and it was fun. I learnt some Finnish vulgarities (No, I'm not going to explain. Not even to you. No exceptions. Go and ask your Finn.) and several particularly useful words denominating forest phenomena. In exchange I taught Juha few names of plants and trees and some Czech vulgarities (No. Not going to explain. Not even to you. Go ask your own Czech.) and I plan to extend it because it's handy.
I knit a sweater from the silk/mohair/whateer Libella by Wollservice yarn I got from an internet auction. I added some Diadrey mohair (nam nam.... so good that it could be eaten) and still the sweater was too small. I could risk my kidneys getting cold but it was overall too tight and.. and anyway. Today I ripped it and added some Gedifra Whatisitsname Gold and it looks stunning.
And I have that top for Sandy from whom I got some gifts today.
Back to Italy.