Monday, May 21, 2007

Things that make me happy

I finally got my credits for my first year seminar. The professor did have some comments indeed, like that they shouldn't have had let me in the second year in theory and that the paper should be better bound (well, first, it's applied ecology, a recyclable paperclip is sustainable whereas some useless binding... I was however ready to accept and go have the crap bound but it wasn't necessary at the end). Now I only need another signature for the second paper for this seminar....
My first Noro, Silver Thaw col. 13 which is so good that it could be eaten is being knitted to a sweater for my mother. Knitted in a pattern I call Idiotic spiral (well, I consider all knitting I am able to perform as idiotic.... don't take it granted for you, though) which will get much less idiotic and much more knitter-geeky when I'm done with the turtleneck and descend to the raglan increases area. I'll have another occasion to use all the curses I know, including the Finnish ones which have good sound and give lots of creative opportunities in the area of expletives.
My favourite circular needle. A no-name thing that cost less than two euros and stood at the beginning of several sweaters and other objects.. like other sweaters.
I decided to go for some unhealthy diet. The healthy ones are okay, they even work a bit... but anyway. And healthy dieting either makes my boobs grow or at least I'm losing the weight elsewhere.
And, also featured on today's picture, my allergy medication. Since I have no time to go to the doc, father got the job and did it well. Not that I had less rabbit eyes but there is some general improvement.....