Saturday, June 09, 2007

The International Knit in Public Day as celebrated (erm...) in Prague

There was a certain lack of advertising or the other knitters got eaten by something big, green and with lots of teeth on the way.
For those who are not getting the point: This day is dedicated to those who think that knitting is some sort of mental disease of those with nothing better to do, usually elderly ladies, boring Grandmas and the like (hello, Mom!) and we struggle to show that knitting is modern, creative, hip and cool. As we knitters are, for that matter. Young, attractive and smart and with many things to do - of which we picked knitting for today.
The meeting point was at the horse at 1100. I arrived a bit early so I sat on the pedestal with a ball of Noro Airisu and a ball of Unnamed Yet (this is the official name of the colourway. I didn't invent anything smart so the generic name just became the name) and knitted. Some ten minutes later Iva arrived along with her boyfriend, an official photographer of the event (all photographic credits go to him him). So we sat on the stairs and knitted. A few people commented and no-one lelse appeared so we went for a coffee.
The cafe-not-to-be-named (so that the tourists wouldn't know and we wouldn't lose one of the last oases of normality in the Disneyland called also downtown Prague) was half empty and we sat, knitted and chatted, the waiter asked and got the thing explained but still looked puzzled.... For your information, I'm making a silk dress and Iva is making some sort of bag.
And at 13something we decided to move on.
It was one of the funny things that lack any action or excitment, it was plainly nice as most of the life is. We shared some information on dyeing, blogs, ideas and events and now I'm back to lonely knitting.
But... just you wait next year.