Monday, June 11, 2007

What arrived in today's mail

Well, some yarn. Wonderful white (and slippery, mind you) alpaca and wonderful mohair by Anny Blatt. TThe colour is hard to define, it's something burgundyish with multicolour viscose thread.
And a lot of salmiakki (thanks go to Hannu, Niina, Riikka and Hanna). For those who do not know, it's candies. Something like liquorice with salt and industrial fertilizer and actually I do not remember who first brought the thing to me. Most people choke on it.
The white thing in the lower right is some Sami-style (or what) pendant with a pic that means, as the instructions have it, wisdom. Not sure that it was meant as a gift to me.
The cat just came.
And yes, I know, I should make my bed.