Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Paris, day 1

First of all, I have no idea how to insert posts between posts already published so you have to sort it out yourself.

I had to get up at around four. The plane was due at seven something, the theory says that one should be at the airport two hours before, practice adds that an hour is okay, even half an hour is usually okay but I didn't want to take risks. And in the mornings, when I'm blind as a three-day kitten, there is always a possibility of some sort of delay.
THe first metro leaves at 0455. I think I took the second one.... and it wasn't totally empty. I wondered what the hell people are doing there at five. Some carried luggage and were aimed to the airport too, poor creatures.. but, going to work at five? God and all relevant saints protect me.
I arrived to the airport, I hate airports, I checked in, then I was deprived of my bottle of water (someone invented water bomb, I guess), however an 8mm/100cm circular needle was no problem. It was a plastic one, though... but a sturdy plastic.
I didn't murder anyone. I was knitting.
I arrived to Paris. I have no pics of the CDG airport, ti is interesting architecture.... but as an airport it's terrible, chaotic, lack of space, the sign saying Gare - a pied was nice, but where the fuck was the railway station, it didn't bother to say. In thirty seconds I ran out of curses.
I arrived to Kristina's place (she was that kind to pick me at the Gare du Nord, otherwise I would be wandering through the tunnels of the Paris metro even today)... and I simply needed sleep. I felt sorry for the rest of the bunch of people who were going by bus overnight and were to go and see Notre dame tomorrow at nine.