Thursday, April 05, 2007

Late, late, late!

I should have finished my thesis before Christmas.
I should have studied much more sometime before, now it would be all easier.
I should have written my papers...
I should have finished some stuff for Christmas.
I should clean up, seems to me that this place stinks.
I should dye some yarn, I promised a sweater to Kristina.
I should mail to Firenze to make inquiries about Ph.D. studies.
I should either manage the Riksarkivet's searching engine or go and kill myself. Luckily I don't need those documents absolutely much but it would make nice footnotes...
I should finally learn Swedish, for that matter.
I should add something about Birgitta's thoughts' impact on Bohemian art at the end of the fourteenth century, at least my consultant thinks so. It is a nice idea indeed.... but worth a dissertation in itself.
I should eat less and work out more.
I should..... probably go and kill myself instead of that all.

However, I'm struggling. The place is relatively clean despite the activities of the destruction commando in person of Nora the baby Maine Coon who huntsconstantly. For yarn balls which she steals from the boxes or for the cereal bars I'm throwing at her in vain attempts to persuade her not to hunt my yarn. Now she's sniffing the back of my screen waiting for something funny to happen, I'll probably throw her off the table. When I'll get up, she'll settle on my chair and she will look as if she belongs there. Poika (note that I'm a language minority here. So the nameless cat got a generic name in the majority language, i. e. Finnish. Meaning Boy) uses my bag as a scratchboard and in the morning he puked hairballs all over my jeans. The carpet is coveredin cat hair, the damn furry critters are shedding.
I got up to get more coffee and Nora settled on my chair and looked offended when I put her on the floor. Tähti walks in the midst of this all thrusting bossy looks at me.
Poor me, send me some candies, thanks.
As for Kristina's yarn, it's wool so it can be dyed in balls - no rewinding. I'll do it tonight and let it dry over the weekend when I'll be at parents'. Manageable.
As for learning Swedish, to those who know me I would like to tell that I do not know Swedish, I just use it. Minna sent me a textbook so I'll try to use it. Manageable... somewhat.
I'm writing my ass off.... reminds me that maybe I should stop lying:D, and something is manageable but I'm not sure about what it is.
I stuck a new name tag on the door bell - someone peeled the previous one off and it's not the first time. Linda thinks that it's a way of courting me and that I should already notice. If the guilty one is reading this, then let him know that I'd prefer a bottle of white Burgundy. Or a carton. When I came back to the apartment, my first olfactoric impressions were strawberry marmalade and vinegar so the place smells, not stinks. So far so good.
I prepared the samplers for etsyFAST project (It's a group of fibre artists and I'm not really sure what it is all about but someone invented these sampler bags so I'm contributing my crap, that's it....) and I'll mail them today. One more thing to tick off.
Maybe it's not as bad as it looks.
Cute pics of cats, yarns and the saltimbocca I made yesterday will be here in the evening, maybe.