Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Paris, day 2

First, the net knows that I'm in France and Blogspot has all the instructions and stuff in French. Thanks to all relevant gods for visual memory, my French ain't what it used to be. And, I don't want the net to take care about my whereabouts. It makes me paranoiac and if they want to play smartasses, let them know that I might have had a reason for using and not etc., people still have their brains even when spending too much time on the internet.
The pics I made suck in general. However, we found (without trying,though) the Czech Centre where the marble plate says something along the lines that in that building the Czechoslovak provisorial government was seated. In the same Rue Napoleon, I found a lovely piece of street art.... there's the Academy des Beaux Arts next door... which explains it.
And we discovered a second-hand bookstore specializing in art books but it was closed. The professor commented it that we know where it is and that we'll be back, though.
St.Germain/des/Pres was lovely weren't it for the awful 19th century overpainting inside. All over, the romanesque capitals included. Awful, awful, awful. Why the hell they at least didn't use the medieval techniques instead of synthetic paint..... Le sigh. I however bought myself a book on Romanesque art publisheed by Zodiaque, a house renowned for visual qualities of their book (not speaking of the content which is good as well) so it felt better. Yeah, and I got a teacup style Marie Antoinette. Another useless piece of crap but cute one.
And, Cafe Duex Magots where Sartre used to spend his daays writing articles for L'Humanite, the commie newspaper, and earning thus for his daily coffee. I however guess that the French Communists are something like the Italian ones. Commies in cafeterias.

I'm tired.....