Friday, March 23, 2007

Nothing happens.

I know I've been neglecting this place quite a bit. So,first, sweaters in progress. On my unmade bed, who should bother. From the right: One for Katarina, one for Sandy (I'm not very sure about the colours, maybe too candy?) and the evergreen one for Elisabeth. Hopefully it will be finished before next Christmas. During some journeys I at least made a sleeve. And Nora the foster cat, probably playing dead. She is cuddly and sweet and we aren't really sure whether it is some undefined mixture aged around ten months.. or whether it is a small Maine Coon. The latter theory is supported by the large paws but on the other hands, Nora doesn't seem to be growing. But I don't understand such stuff. She has some people to adopt her after she is vaccinated and castrated and I will have her around before that. I'm not really getting why the new people cannot enjoy having a cat with a stitched-up belly around. Maybe because a cat who was cut open tends to be in a bad mood and not sweet and cuddly? And what if they discover, getting a cat perfectly okay, that she is sweet and cuddly but sometimes pukes on the carpet? I would let them have it all.
I§m still pretty behind with my thesis. Bad bad me.