Tuesday, January 30, 2007

What I'm up to

I misread an announcement. I thought that my after-sixth-term exam on everything is a month later than it really is, meaning that I have plenty of time to write my seminar papers (which I've been procrastinating for up to three years) and to pass a few exams and to do some paperwork that requires catching the responsible persons. Just plenty of time.
As I found out today, the notice read that I should apply until February 5, not from February 5.
Since it's January 30, I'm in deep shit, because the next date for this exam is in May,after my expected finals and graduation and stuff.
Yes, at this point you're totally right, dear reader. I'm an irresponsible chaotic idiot.
I admit it. I even admit that the energy I spend on solving problems I caused myself could replace a nuclear power plant.... but, it just happened.
So now the plan is:
1] lots of coffee
2] a paper on medieval stuff so that I can submit it tomorrow to the head of the department. That's the paper I owe for three years. The notes for it are in my stolen comp, for that matter, so I wasn't totally lazying around but who cares now. The head of department owes me a favor or two so and he's pretty chaotic himself so I guess he might be understanding and helpful (he was helpful enough when I still didn't have my papers after returning from Italy and needed some credits so that I wouldn't get kicked from school) and give me a credential for the dean's office to permit me to apply for the damn exam on behalf of all things done by now, not the things required only - I did stuff that wasn't required for the first three years of study so I'm not a total lazyass and I can prove it.
3] seminar paper on st. Birgitta. This seminar is run by my thesis consultant,no problem, only to find her and make her sign my papers. Owes me a favor, too. Nice and helpful person.
4]possibly morning coffee and off to the uni.

If you know something about Bridget Riley, let me know. I need a seminar paper on her. I left my library card at parents', for that matter. Deep shit comes, dear reader, in large amounts.

Yes, some nice yarn arrived today.