Monday, March 19, 2007

No more instant coffee, I shifted to espresso.

Not that I decided to live healthier or something. Well, it is Monday so I could start some diet maybe, but in general, nothing changed. I just run out of my long-time supplies of instant Davidoff (okay, you can consider all instant coffee a disgusting crap but this is a good disgusting stuff, if nothing else. At work I drink the company bought Nescafe, yes, that with the funky red cups, I have a collection of them and I plan to bring them to my Prague... someday) so I wiped dust off the espresso machine I found at mom's office where no-one needed it... well, not that there wasn't a whole load of coffee maniacs but the tap water back home is too mineralized (comes from here) and they had to either buy bottled water or clean the thing every now and then. Which they didn't bother which tells something about the human nature.
So today I had my cup of something normal people would rather use for cleaning the drains. I have a nice espresso cup with cames, you see.... and some organic coffee from Finland someone had brought a long time ago. Yummy. A whole new dimension for my caffeine addiction.
By the way, I have read a few articles recently (cannot find them online and the paper version is somehow useless here....) which say that coffee is healthy and thus allowed again. I used to say it all the time that ten cups per day do no harm, look at me how cute I am.