Thursday, February 01, 2007

Recent developments

I wrote the two papers yesterday and today. Not long but I tried to make then nutritious.
I need to write a third one to submit on Monday and it will be a sequel to my previous successful work named like Iconography of St. Birgitta in Italy. The other one will be the same, just the things happening in Sweden. Which solves the problem of the second seminar. My medieval professor said that there should be no problem in going to two seminars of the same professor.
Now it's only some paperwork and two more exams I need now and two more exams I don't have to sit around now but it's easier to do it now.

However, I'm drained and busy because I have no time for failing exams. If you want something from me, make a nice note and tell me after February 16, otherwise I might be unpleasant and aggressive.