Thursday, February 22, 2007

Some pics

I got the damn yarn and did some dyeing yesterday. Juha came home when the sink was full of something bright blue, the kitchen smelled of wet sheep and I was messing around with rubber gloves covered with strange stains.
The green stuff is for Elisabeth's sweater and it's a bit darker than it shows, the blue things are some wool for Hannu's sweater and the paler thing is angora - by the way, same dyeing bath, the angora was in it even longer.

And the sweater is a sweater. From the Norwegian yarn got on ebay. I finished it just on my birthday in the train from Brno and it is cool. I think I will sell the purple and green sweater... people like it and I don't feel comfortable in it, somehow. This one I will keep, however. It doesn't suit me, basically nothing suits me, but I like it. The cat is hiding behind it, if you miss her.