Wednesday, February 21, 2007

I'm back

I somehow fucked up my exam schedule but I will skip this for now. You'll learn about it some time later on.
I promised a blog entry after February 15 but I and Juha somehow managed to fuck up the internet connection so that an engineer was needed to fix it and then I went to my parents' for a weekend and they do not have internet and then I went to a friend and arrived back home yesterday evening.
Who is Juha, you're wondering? I didn't tell you that I have this cool Finnish flatmate? Not probably. So, I have a cool Finnish flatmate. (Special note for those who like to have that sort of comments: No. He has a girlfriend and anyway and stop looking at me like that)
I ran out of yarn required for Elisabeth's and Hannu's sweater which would be perfectly no problem but meantime the mill ran out of it as well and next batch is due at the end of this year so I had to yell for help at the knitters' forum. The solidarity worked somehow so on Monday I went to Brno to pick it. And to meet an artist friend who will come in two weeks to my apartment and do something about my curtains.
I have another foster cat who is a little devil and I'm slowly deciding that I probably hate charity.