Saturday, March 24, 2007

Not that I had anything to say.

There was another school trip today.
Just off somewhere, an excursion to a brewery where I had to do the interpreting. Tough job since I have no idea about the beer brewing terminology in my own dialect. Beer is just made somehow and I care a damn,since I don't drink it. Regardless of national statistics that require me to be a notorious drunk. But I managed somehow... and oddly enough, I was able to speak after. I basically hate yelling smartass things at people and I thought that I will ask for a bottle of Vincentka* for every such guiding job.
I also wonder where all the Finns appear from. Obviously, Finland, I"m not a total asshole. I mean, the university has to be full of them because on every school trip some other specimen appears. It doesn't happen with, say, Greeks.
Speaking of Finns, I would strongly like to remind that (1) not everybody who has a Marimekko bag needs to be Finn (I have a white one, too...). And no, (2) I didn't get that thing in Finland. I've never been to Finland,for that matter. Thank you for understanding, you can ask more original questions next time.
We dropped at Tesco. I needed a glue for my bathroom cushion (I read in the tub) and I got some basil and chocolate. Juha and Katariina needed food. On the way home, in the middle of the street Juha froze and produced another proof that we might be twins, saying that he forgot to buy some undies and socks. Since I'm older, I've already invented that doing the laundry has the same results as buying new clothes, i. e. clean stuff to wear tomorrow, and hinted him to do so..... Maybe he will thank me for this piece of enlightment in his memoirs in some sixty years' time.
I have some new yarn. Purple and green. Looks..... well, as usually, I'm absolutely not sure that I like it.
Tomorrow I'm going to the cinema. To see a movie that is 430 minutes long. I'll take some knitting with me, could be half of a sweater and a nice ache in my carpals.
And I need to write another piece of my crappy thesis.

*They don't have anything in some sort of normal** language on the website. So let me informyou that this mineral water contains a whole lot of minerals like iodine and idunnowhat. It is used for curing all sorts of sore throat, from plain cold to laryngitis. As for laryngitis, I can give a whole nice heap of credentials because at a certain point i had like three per year and those antibiotics that worked on it caused strong allergic reactions... so after several trial and error sessions which ended in strange rashes, all day puking or something like that the doc told me to take a few more bedsheets and drink this, that it would take a week or two longer to cure.... And, it cures hangover. I had less hangovers that laryngitides, laryngitises (does someone know the plural?) and it worked. It even worked on other people who absolutely didn't believe it, proving that it isn't psychology and it even worked on drunk Russians which is really something. Available in pharmacies.
** Spoken by more than a handful of people