Saturday, January 27, 2007

Work in progress: I managed to do something.

And it's not exams or school papers. I made a few more rows for the fox sweater. The colours are somehow bleak.. but you can see the progress. I have certain doubts whether it isn't going to be too long,whether I don't run out of yarn... or something. I made careful counts on where to place the patterns and the like.. but I don't have the slightest idea how to make the shoulders.... I'll see.
And on Thursday I finished my sweater... intended to keep me against the cold after I screwed the one with the reindeer. The colours are again somehow bleak... but the carpet managed to appear filthy which it is not (apart form the everpresent cat hair)
The socks to try the yarn suck. I in fact don't like knitting socks.
There's the sweater for Hannu but now it's in a phase of indescribable bundle. When it becomes apparent that it's an upper part of a garment, I'll supply you with a pic, too.
Off to lunch and study. I have exams, children.