Wednesday, January 17, 2007

And so on

Yesterday I sold my first stuff on etsy and today there was a new order in the mail. Almost like fresh bread. I'll be happy when the sock yarns earn enough for the yarn I'm getting to knit for myself. Meaning myself and gifts to the people around. I'm afraid I'm becoming somehow popular. As soon as I finish the sweater for me, I'll make another for my Paris friend... and.....
Yesterday it seemed to me that my stash, arranged as a huge yarn just in front of me, doesn't have any visual appeal. So I started digging in the big box and accompanying boxes and bags. I put every project in progress in its separate paper bag or similar container, same with the yarns for projects not yet started which reduced the heap considerably.. and I also fished thru the bag of vintage yarn and discovered what somehow slipped from my mind... that there are three huge skeins of olive green. And that they are just a shade darker than the green mohair bouclé yarn which I somehow planned to combine and I didn't like the combination. So:
I divided the yarns for green-brown (and oh so ugly) potential sweater to make a green sweater and a black, white and golden-brown one. Looks much better.
Now I have another problem (and I don't mean the unfinished thesis, bank problems, other bank problems, being broke because of banks screwing everything they do), I took the vintage white skein, it seemed yellowish to me and although I guessed that the original color was off-white or ivory, I dipped it in water. In the morning it wasn't any whiter although it let out some dirt indeed.. but when it was wet, the smell of attic, sweet, intriguing but with a touch of something I'm not sure I like. Wet attic, dry rot or something like that. Since I have an alpaca sweater that smells chemical waste when wet, silk yarn that smells silk yarn when wet... I don't feel like having sweater that smells of old storehouse. Maybe lavender oil will help.
And hot new news, mailman brought a small but heavy pack of long expected yarn. But for two skeins of acrylics it's all really nice cotton. Beware ye mortals, i'll knit something of unsurpassed coolness. On the way back I checked tha mailbox and another is waiting at the post office. Cool.

This is what I picked in the post office. Not that I wouldn't know that it's three and half kilos (the green balls are 350 grams each) but somehow I just took a normal size shopping bag. When the lady handed me the huge crate, I nearly fainted. I showed her the bag, we had a good laugh and she told me that i can take the stuff out and leave the carton there... well, there are my toes so you can guess the size. And, there will be a lot of dyeing. The highlighter pink is ghastly, it looked much less wild on the picture in the auction.. the bigger balls are pure wool so it'll dye nicely to shades of red and purple, the smaller ones are wool and cotton and something so no problem either. Those which look apricot are.. well, orange and white thread and it reminds me of a carrot puke. But again, cotton, linen, viscose => nice summer top in warm shades. ive sweaters and a top... not bad.