Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Belated Christmas gifts

There was one waiting for me at parents' since it was sent to my address there. I actually asked for a diary. For a BIG diary. I got a nice one indeed.... However, underneath is my 2006 diary, of the type I prefer. It seems that I'll have to learn to make my scriblings small and concise. The small nice thingie demonstrates something about Finnish mentality, though. It starts with October 2006. There's a space on every page for 'most important task of the week' (hmmm, to buy some tomatoes? clean the sandbox? No... well, my things tend to be continuous, I guess. Maybe a task of the year could do: graduate:D...). I'll have to get a heap of Post-it. Or get diary, volume II? Sigh. By the way, a bar of chocolate arrived with it. As a true ungrateful bastart I must say that the donor knows that I'm on a diet. But... chocolate always comes handy.
This beauty is my new laptop. I'm talking about the grayish thing, not about the Renaissance book, featuring a portrait by Sandro Boticelli. Should you wonder what the little book which always appear on the stil lifes of my table is, let it be known, it's a Finnish-English dictionary. What do I need it for? To support my heavy books on art.
I'm not sure whether the stuff that arrived yesterday counts as Christmas gifts. One is a book on decorating gingerbread (it will be a nice gift for some homestuck idiot who indulges in making gingerbread Christmas cards, gingerbread jewellery boxes and gingerbread idunnowhat - at around page 20 I lost my patience. Maybe I should make friends with some housewife...) and I got it for an article to some half-trashy server (I was writing on the Christmas when dad had malaria), the other thing is some hair shampoo I got for some other article for the same place. It reads More volume for fine hair. I have two hair shampoos now, one very expensive for my skin problems and one that says Färgad hår eller slingor on the bottle. You know, I had a foreign flatmate and she left some useful stuff here... and since you, dear readers already know the level of my stinginess, the result is obvious. And I have färgad hår, after all.
My dad will come to collect my current computer on Thursday. I have to pack it to its crate and Tähti will lose her toy house... but it serves her right. And I'll have to put my yarns somewhere, I don't want to hear comments. By the way, I sold something on ebay. Well, two skeins so the house is not much less dense.... but it's a good start.
I started taking more ballet classes. This course seems to be pretty cool, although the teacher evidently doesn't share the opinion to which I was subject elsewhere: If you have problems with equilibrium, do everything en pointe (in human language, on tiptoes), equilibrium will come. The guy evidently loves things which make me knock over my own feet, though. I'll have to activate long-forgotten pieces of my brain... however, good for me.