Monday, January 15, 2007

I was to the bank.....

A few days ago an article about the atrocities banks commit on people appeared here. I was a bit nervous about mine, I was expecting a payment which was to come to me a week ago but... nothing. No need to note that my own bills were due. So I asked how long a transfer between two banks might take and was assured that usually it's not more than a week. The damn freaks want me to cough up when I grab the door handle and say Hello and then a simple transfer takes a week... how come that the internet thingies work in real time?
I was to find out that even the internet thingies work only as the banks who run the bank accounts allow. I had some problems with Paypal, as it showed later, caused by my incopetence to understand instructions properly. On the other hand, when I was asking the clerk who nodded Yes, I know everything under the Sun and accompanying sky about internet banking, she could tell me. I got my bank statements printed and to my horror I discovered that the payments done two weeks ago.... were not. I asked how is that possible and I was told with uttermost grace that sometimes it takes even two weeks before the internet payments get cleared. So should those who expect payments read this, please, wait a bit. When my personal bank advisor is available, I'll do some yelling.
On my way to further business I was reading thru the statements and discovered that they charge me enormous sums for obvious services, incoming payments are charged as well. I have to pay the bank that it takes my money! They charge me for a letter to me! Not for the New Year's card, surprisingly.... but it might appear on the January statement and then I'll close my accounts and get a jar to store my money in.
Sigh. Back to work.