Thursday, December 07, 2006

New arrivals, part 1-4

From left to right: Four kilos of sock yarn. For something like 30euros postage included. The whole heap, I mean. I'll dye it and make socks. Well, if I get fed up with it, I'll dye it and sell on Etsy.
One small white ball of thin wool. I need bright white for a certain pattern. This one ball cost more than 8 balls of the gray and/or blue stuff.
One skein and four balls of tulle tape. I'll make myself a nice top. And one ball of thick cotton.
Seven skeins of vintage something which arrived with today's mail. Wool, polysomething, metal fibre. It looks horrible on the pics but it's quite nice bouclé and I'll dye it to more prominent colours.
4.675 kg altogether.
And my toes, probably the sole part of my body which isn't overweight. I have a nasty cold, my nose is full of snot, my mouth is dry and the last thing I'd like to do is eating so it's on a good way.
I've finished the angora scarf but I don't feel like making more pics now...
Another 1.6 kilos of yarn is on its way, included some cool alpaca which I'll add to my stash alpaca and make myself a Selbu sweater.
I'll make a count and until another sale I'll be only knitting (and studying obviously, but it has nothing to do with yarn).