Monday, December 04, 2006

And now about something totally different: Yarn

The sock yarn finally arrived. The lazyasses at the post office just stamped the pack "House was locked" and went away and then the postman (then meaning like two weeks later) just a notice that there's a pack for me arrived. On Thursday before I was leaving for a weekend. So I was eagerly expecting what comes of it. And... it was sock yarn, oddly enough. So, I'll do some dyeing and some knitting.
I went to buy some food and some stuff for the ritual disinfection since one of the cats died (that's what happens to the cats who live on the streets, don't kick them out, people) so I came back dragging the huge Ikea bag (only four kilos, though) and another bag full of food and other stuff - decided to buy a chicken to divide between me and the kitties. I'll get meat, they'll get the skins and stuff:-D
The green stuff is a sweater. I dyed the yarn and as a fully qualified idiot, I wound 400g (500m) of yarn into a big ball. The yarn is shaded, the ball was green - black on the surface and is quite pale inside and I didn't get the simple idea that I'll want to have the sleeves in the same gradation. So I'm knitting it bit by bit and there'll be knots. THere'll be some knots anyway... and I"m doing it from the extremities, all three at once. And, named the thing provisionally Foxes and violets. I knit a bit on the train but when I got halfway through the viuolets, I discovered tha my piece of graph paper with the patterns and stitch counts are at parents' house so I'll do jsut the violets and then I"ll do another stuff (sorry, Elisabeth. You'll get it after Christmas...)
And the last thing is Hannu's sock. The twenty stitches on the needles are the embryo of its mate.....