Wednesday, November 29, 2006


I have the USB cable. So I can not only make pics but also show them. And make my blog colourful and interesting and crap.
So, let me introduce you Siri. One of the shelter kitties. She now lives under my bed. Then there's Dellie behind the fridge and Dahlia somewhere around (or what the hell their names are and which is which). And.... Siri is a yarn thief. I'll have to cover my stash box - I bought that thing in Ikea quite a few months ago but for whatever the reason I didn't assemble it and I kept my yarn in bags and boxes. Now it's all in this box, decoratively arranged and.. accessible.
I was to a knitting workshop on Saturday. To see people, to learn entrelac (didn't finish that sample), to boast with my handpaints - on Friday I dyed some angora, for example, and definitely not to buy any yarn, I have lots of it. So I got this:

The gray one is the silk yarn... I put my silk sweater in a knitting contest and won the yarn used for the product and I gathered it at the ocassion since the lady who organized the workshop owns an internet store.... and the dark stuff is helluva expensive mohair blend which I saw on the website and I thiught that it might be interesting weren't it that expensive. It looks sort of muddy on the pics but it is speckled in blue and purple and orange and gray-green and it's lovely. And expensive. I spent all money I took with me just in case I met something irresistible. Bad, bad me.
The workshop took place in a local cultural centre or what the hell it was and one of the rooms looked..... you know, it was full of packs of yarn. So I simply got poisoned by wool fumes. I couldn't do anything about it, you see, it was an accident. So now I have not 30 but 30.5 kilos of yarn and I'm not eating until the end of the month.
The workshop was cool. Not that I hadn't known that there's many knitters somewhere around but I hadn't met any. It felt nice there. It's always nice to be in company of people who share the same obsession.

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