Thursday, November 30, 2006

Another oversize sweater

I always make a gauge swatch. And I invariably make the sweaters somehow too big. I like long sweaters that keep the kidneys warm even when the wearer is sitting. But.. the red and green one is just.... too big. I finished it (and God knows that for whatever the reason I hated knitting it), I put it on... and it was pretty long which is inalterable due to the fact that I knit it sideways... and far too wide. I tried to wear it to see how the fabric will act. It appeared to be pretty wide too. So either I'll make it narrower in the middle or I'll leave it as it is, I'll block it nicely and offer on Etsy to some massive wearer. It has one interesting irregularity visible on the picture, since the yarn is a handpaint and I stupidly made it in two batches and even more stupidly, somehow placed the palest ball next to the darkest, it has the colour division in the middle. It's not that apparent on the final product as on the pic, though.
Here it still looks hopeful....I'll make a pic of it on me as soon as I get someone to take a pic of me. Meaning next week.