Thursday, November 30, 2006

Work in progress, November edition

1. Thesis. Something like a unicorn, no-one has seen it yet but it exists somewhere.. .. maybe.
2. Mohair sweater. I hope to have it finished soon, it's just k1p1 ad infinitum or until your hands fall off, these furry arns are no good for complicated patterns
3. Lone sock

4. Foxes and violets sweater for Elisabeth (Notice the ball. It's 400g og my own handpaint, blue-black on one end, pale green on another. The original pattern from which I adopted the idea of foxes and violets and from which I dropped buttons, various decorative stripes and 16 balls of various gray-something colours was too complicated for my simple blonde mind...). I love the yarn - nothing special, just ordinary but nice Superwash wool but the colors are simply a masterpiece. And Elisabeth is a forest person so I hope she'll like that.
5. Some more