Thursday, November 30, 2006


On Saturday in the evening the kitties arrived. In fact they suck big time, they fight, one of them pees on the carpet (luckily no-one needs the room..I'll have to clean it all when she gives in and starts to use the sandbox regularly, she knows what is it good for but just doesn't use it consistently) , Tähti is pissed off and pretty annoying, now she lies on my hands and effect
ively prevents me from typing. She is responsible for the weird typos.
The silk sweater had a bad fate. It smelled when wet so mom washed it at 90 degrees and the result was something very wide and very short. So I dyed it in rainbow coloured stripes and then I spent the whole evening ripping it and making into two separate skeins (it was knit double), they will go to etsy and since it's recycled yarn, part of the revenue will go to the kitties as charity. And the good thing is that it's already boiled so it won't shrink anymore:-)
The colours are really wonderful but it's quite apparent that the thing had no shape. Well, the skeins are wonderful but I didn't feel like reusing them myself. I believe someone will adore them, this silk isn't the glossy sort but it's still soft and warm and nice to touch.

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