Friday, November 24, 2006

I reckon that I have no readers.

I analyzed the situation and realized that the zero comments and almost zero attendance started when pictures stopped. I decided thusly: I will pretend that there are pictures. And bonus for readers: they will come, I'll get the cable to the camera I have now on Monday.
I got some angora yarn (for those who do not know, it's made of bunnies and it's soft, fluffy and warm. You don't have to knit it, you can cuddle it for the rest of your life) and dyed it.. before baking and cleaning. I got five skeins and while cleaning I was inventing funny names for teh colorways. Those on the left will be something like Drunk gardener got lost in the foliage, next to it is Bunny gone punk. I'll put them to my tiny store on and I'll see what happens. Maybe I'll finally (1) earn some money (2) discover that the purpose of my life is to dye yarn, not art history (eeeek).
Yesterday I was to see Barka and the first thing she told me after the Hello was Would you cut my hair. I made an evil grin and said Yes, no problem. She handed me awful scissors from Ikea (not that I had any basic objection against Chinese comrades but for them being comrades... but not all products they make are top class), showed me That short and there i went. When I was halfway through, cursing the massive scissors - you cannot feel what you cut when the thing is too big...., remembering the coool Fiskars thing at Mom's house, which was designed for cutting hair and well, cost ten times that many (Finnish comrades have social uinsurance and stuff. And they can make better steel apparently). WHen I was halfway through, Barka asked whether I did the thing before and I said No. She was mildly surprised that I didn't show any sign of hesitation.... but I'm not very hesitant in many areas of life and this makes people think that I'm capable of next to anything, that I'm smart, brave and whatever. But.. it's just a form of stupidity. Well... see the pics. I guess I didn't fuck it up totally.
I gave all remaining chocolates to Barka. Not that there were many, I developed this habit of eating them daily.. and when I went to buy some underwear, I discovered that my usual size jsut doesn't fit and told myself No way and decided to give everything out. Maybe I should stop thinking about diets and starting one. Barka was happy. Mom called thht she had bought me some christmas chocolates. I think I"ll make more people happy.