Friday, November 03, 2006

Sick, tired and sleepy

Nothing special is happening.
I finished one Cashmerino sock (I wondered what to use that yarn for, I have only two balls... so I decided for socks.) Well, nearly finished, I cast off and it was too tight so I ripped it a bit and I'll have to fix it. But the sock looks damn good even though it's covered by cat hair (white). I started a scarf in quite a nice plastic pattern, from the Tosca yarn (yellow-green-pink-blue), but I'm afraid it'll be too short with three balls only... I'm at the end of the first one and it's a really small bit. I'll see. There are a few unfinished things to do but nothing special is happening with them.
Red is hissing at me when I try to catch her but when I catch her, she's the most cuddly cat one can imagine. She's gonna be lovable with people hwo don't have a hysterical, jealous and self-centered Siamese.
Tomorrow I"ll have a comp home so maybe I'll write something when I'm in a mood to write.