Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Hot new news

Apart for the possibility of getting a research grant from the university (someone decided to be generous, the upper limit is like 11 000 euros) , meaning that I might get the money to go to Italy to see some pics and books, nothing extraordinary is happening. I finished my rainbow scarf, I go to school ocassionally, I write the thesis, version 2.0, I started translating Ripa again, it sucks, yesterday I got some material help in form of CDs, candies and knitting patterns (thanx, Sandy and Minna) and finally went to buy a cushion for my kitchen chair I use for sitting at the comp.
I'll take pics of things I've done as soon as I lure someone with a camera to my vinegar den.
I promised some shaded yarn to Minna. It didn't come out as shaded as I expected, since I don't have the dyeing pot, I cannot fix it with vapour and seems that oven doesn't work that well so I simply boiled it in some light blue to saturate the colors a bit. When I took it out of the pot, it looked terribly dark but most of the stuff does so I have to wait until it dries. That's the worst time of the process, expecting the results.
I bought four kilos of sock yarn. I swore that I'm not going to buy any new yarn until I knit half of the stuff I have (okay, until I start knitting. I usually have several unfinished projects at a time) or unless there's some heartbreaking sale. And sock yarn per seven euros per kilo, a price for which I'd get one skein normally, is totally irresistible. I wanted to get some sock yarn anyway, for the christmas socks and everything was just expensive.. but for this.
I named the kitten Apricot and if everything goes ok, i'll get rid of her today.

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