Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Years in boredom

I did a tiny bit of knitting these days, just to check whether I still can do it. I started a sweater - with certain difficulties of the topological sort. Moebius would wonder what can be done with two strips of knitting. I ripped it around five times, each time getting entangled in different way. The blue clump is a lovely cotton tape yarn and I'm trying and ripping patterns. The colours are too contrasting so no complicated pattern would be visible.. on the other hand, I find garter stitch soo boring. We'll see. On my table you can see the proof that I live on apples and coffee - I'm studying meantime although no-one believes me.
I was sorting out things - apart from installing three nice boxes as rubbish bins, putting things to the places where they don't block the way and the like, I assigned a package to each of pieces in progress and stored away the yarn I'm not going to use too soon in a box... and I just couldn't resist the urge to try the hairy stuff. It's polyamide microfibre and it's smooth, light and pleasant to touch; however, I never had something of that sort so I didn't know how it might behave. To my surprise, the little swatch I did doesn't look like something awfully tangled and I'll continue knitting - it happened to fit to measure for the furry top I plan to make.
Yesterday my book finally arrived. Special thanks of the day go to Elisabeth who took the pains to get it for me and mailed it (I didn't find a bookstore which would have this and ship outside Sweden. Thank God for friends.)