Sunday, September 17, 2006


I'm at parets' place. Not now, now I'm in my office, scanning some pics, but generally I'm at parents'. Dad lent me one of his cellphones (one of those oversmart, overdesigned nokias with moving pictures instead of the decent written menu and all such crap I loathe...) so I'm able to commmunicate normally... sure, as long as you consider a cellphone as means of normal communication, should you be even more conservative than I, you might be content only with snailmail letters and meetings in the cafés, but... anyway, I can make phonecalls without the damn thing turning off for no reason.
I and Mom were partying yesterday. All day long. We got some.. well, doesn't have a name in English. Something tooo fermented to be grape juice nad not yet young wine. I reckon that people here and in Austria drink it, no-one else bothers. It's full of alcohol and vitamins and it's healthy. Looks like mud, though and Mom claims that I taught her to drink that, although I doubt it, I'm not such an accomplished drinker. However, we did basically nothing all day long and it was nice.
Mom sulked a bit, she's angry with Dad again... teh other day she mentioned that he has high blood pressure and I found his medication in the garage wehn I was loking for some tape (he has his universal mess there that contains basically everything, from the wreaths he got at the car races to dog food) and saw several packs of something and I checked. I thought it'd be something against getting old and weary, he believes all the adverts, but it was quite a strong medication fro blood pressure so I asked Mom whether she knows some details or whatever. She said that basically not, because when she asks, he tells her off that it's none of her business but that he has chronic bronchitis of which she got to know by chance and that he has all sorts of problems leading to heart attacks and stuff. Too bad. He makes himself less overweight by pointing that other people are fat:-). One day, someone will thrust his dinner into his face, he says Oh what fat you are you shouldn't eat that much instead of a Bon appetit. I think of getting him the paddle for christmas anyway. Mom said that basically it's not a bad idea but the house is full of useless rubbish anyway and that I shouldn't bother and give him another tube of hair polish. I said that he has all teh hair stuff unused in the garage. The better, she replied, dust it off and give it to him anew, he wouldn't notice. How sadly true. How sadly practical.