Thursday, September 21, 2006

My place

I cleaned up a little bit and took a few pics of the 'after' state. The 'before' ones I had to fish out from my archive, abundant with folders named Various, Others, Mess, Leftovers, Wtf and the like. However, after a bit of searching and a lot of cursing I did find the pics.. they'e a a bit dark, though. Got a new comp with LCD screen so Tähti cannot sleep on it with her belly kept nicely warm.

The usual mess, books and knitting all over. See the floor. a bit of sandpaper and varnish and it looks like a floor:-)

Kirsi's room. Nothing apparent. The plaster on the walls was a bit, well, damn lot fallen off, it's the walls whitewashed without plaster. Dunno how the plaster can stick better to wallpapers than to the actual wall.

I should retouch the door frame, got scratched when we were moving the wardrobe... Sure there'll be curtains, they're jsut stores away so that the ywouldn't catch dust. I have no flatmate yet and I wwonder how am I going to pay bills. Damn.

The kitchen. Look at the prison touch - the bars were removed and I think some local hunter - gatherer picked them and had a few beers for them. And I got wonderful new tiles instead of dirt-coloured plastic. And repainted the great-grandma chairs. And broke my office chair so one of the kitchen chairs is in my room to sit on while computering....

I love the floor.