Thursday, September 21, 2006


Today I had a most strange dream. It was about swimming across the river, missing a flight (or the other way round) and knitting a sweater of the most beautiful pattern. I remember it. I'll make it. Sometime later.
I went to write a Latin test. Or rather a test on the Latin textbook. I know why I don't study languages - I'll know them, cherish them, love them.. but never study.
I hung around the town a bit, got some vanilla (it's a spice), went to feed Hiisi and socialized with her for a while, then went home, realized that I left my celly at Barka's so I needed to go back and was late for an appointment.
I was to meet Sanna, one of 'my' students and her friend but for whatever reason, half of the Finnish language department was there too and if I really dislike some people as a group, it is them. So it all sucked a big time. I had a coffee and ran away. Sanna is nice and sweet, trying to learn Czech and I think there's a hope that we'll get on well.
On my way home I felt that I urgently needed some proteins so I dropped to Tesco (how nice to have something open 24/7 around the corner. How vain), got some tulip and freesia bulbs, a 10m extension cable, some rabbit food (understand: lettuce and tomatoes) and, finally, a chicken which lies boiled with saffron and cloves in the pot - meantime I grabbed some canned tuna meant for the cat and satiated my palates. I should start eating civilized, from a plate, with wine and stuff, not just grabbing something to eat while I do something else.