Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Little pleasures

I'm in Prague. THe floor guy is doing the floors andI'm doing nothing: the contents of my appartment are in the kitchen and I simply don't have space enough to do anything.
I used the relative lack of urgent matters and the absence of the cat and dyed some yarn. The mohair is now in a color scheme which is different from the original idea.. and I provisionally named it Kitschy sunset. The pink puke yarn is now green and blue and looks cool. I got a decolorant for the dark green alpaca and we'll see.
I went shopping. Apart from the decolorant I wanted a yarn.. you know, the plain green thingy you use for tying things together and no-one in the whole department was able to tell me where I can find such a thing, I tried the home&garden department and then the stationery but all I discovered was that the beginning of school still continues, there were zillions of people looking like desperate mothers trying to think out what their nasty little children forgot about. School sucks.... I wanted to inscribe in the dance courses and happily forgot it.
There'll be lots of writing when I"m connected - Katarina comes for the weekend, new floors, I'm cat-sitting for Barka... so expect the worst.