Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Back home!

A million cartons of no-one knows what unpacked, or at least greater part of them.
I made myself a coffee because I brought some, I ate all the nougats (bad, bad me) and started putting things to place. Or at least somewhere near. I dug my beautiful kitchenware from the heaps of silk paper and I simply had to stop and adore - I'll be civilized again, no more odd things which look like hunted from the rubbish bin but my silver and designer kitchen towels and stuff.....
Tomorrow Dad will come to fix a few things and move the heavier pieces of furniture, it's hard to clean up when there's still nowhere to put some things. And I could use another bookshelf. Bookshelves are always scarce.
Tähti had a busy day, after screaming all the way here and messing around the flat, she's sleeping like a baby.
I realized that the previous days she kept peeing in my bed because Mom emptied the sandbox and didn't put any clean stuff in it.... A person with a Ph. D. and doesn't get the simple thing that cats have to dig in the final products of digestion. Sigh. She'll get the hand knit socks as punishment:-E