Thursday, April 06, 2006


I hate Thursdays. My lectures start at 0820. Swedish, for that matter. I'm hardly able to speak, not speaking about thinking. Then it goes on with a seminar on 20th century art theory or something like that; I don't understand it and sometimes I consider giving up. I overslept so first I missed my Swedish and then discovered that the seminar people went somewhere outside to watch architecture in its natural habitat. I went to have a coffee instead. Coffee is good instead of everything. The seminar being cancelled, this was next to a wasted day... at least I managed to drop to the bank and pay the water bill which was slowly growing into the mess on my table. Bills should be banned. And still no dividends. They're due sometime in April and I need an improvement of my financial status. Now I'm broke, should you want to know.
I had a lunch with a friend. We had one of those lovely café discussions ranging from Hugues de St. Victor to Chinese philosophy (well, he studies something about religions and he calls it lack of philosophy; I'm not going to argue about that) and in connection with this, he said something like Oh you know much more that I do, after all you speak Chinese. I just gasped. No, of course I don't, I said after I composed myself. He was trying to persuade me that I do speak Chinese and that it's nice that I'm shy to boast about my knowledge. I tried to explain it, that yes, some ten years ago I really wanted to do Oriental studies but never started.. but he didn't seem to believe. Seems that to the list of my nonexistent character traits modesty was added. As I say, Thursdays suck.

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