Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Nothing changed

I went to check the classes in the dance studio where I used to go. Some people that started with me go to the same course, too. The guy who taught me erm, four years ago now teaches intermediate classes so I gave it a try.
On my way back, I got fed up with waiting for the bus and decided to take a walk downtown, my old usual way along Arno to Ponte Sta. Trinita and then along via Tornabuoni to do some windowshopping at Ferragamo or Emilio Pucci, then along the huge rustico of palazzo Strozzi. The honorary consulate of Finland isn't in via Strozzi anymore, Fendi has a collection of colourful rubber boots (can't wait when some moronic fashion stylist starts explaining how rubber boots are en vogue these days since they are a must in Florence's autumn bucket rains), Patrizia Pepe is across the street, moved there from somewhere else and there were musicians at piazza Repubblica as always.
Today I went to Yrja's class. I 've already mentioned elsewhere that my Swedish is of dubious quality so I wanted to do something about it. It was sorta fun, that absurd fun whether I didn't know whether to feel like a total idiot or whether I'm actually doing well. Time will show. My enthusiasm, which had equalled almost zero anyway, to join Finnish classes decreased considerably after I noticed that the same Leena who taught me those five years ago teaches there. Good ole guilt that I haven't worked hard enough.
It's all so strange, to be back here. I feel as if I left for a week, not for three years.

Back to the damn freaking paperwork.