Sunday, October 05, 2008

Belated post V: Esoteric sciences

Been to the Accademia today.

The advantage of being a student is that you know magic words. Today at 1520 the magic words were Did the group of professor T. already go in, I'm a bit late.Thus I skipped the queue, was let in via the exit door and nobody wanted any ticket.There's an exhibition on Giovanni da Milano going on and as soon as I recover from the miserable state of brokeness, I'll get the catalog. One of his Crucifixions just screams Master Theodoric, if nothing else. Not that I weren't aware (as almost anyone litterate) about the connections between Italian and Bohemian art in the 14th century but this one was pretty apparent even to me who pretends more than actually knows.

Too bad that I haven't taken more (1) books with me. I could use Skaug (2), for example, just to refresh my knowledge.

(1) The bastards on Amazon have it for $28 and I coughed up like 100 euros for the copy of mine! Make the world fair, someone! Now!

(2) That book on punch marks. I'm getting to the dissertation mode but I'm not there yet.