Sunday, October 05, 2008

Belated post III: I'm high. Sibutramine diaries

Yes, it is indeed a cheat, I should have worked out more.

I got a pack of the medicine from my doc – she had a sample pack from the company representative so I even saved a bit of money. i decided to postpone using it after the holidays with family, I'm usually the garbage bin who eats everything within reach. And, after reading the enclosed leaflet, I wanted to keep the potential side effects for myself.

As for the side effects and adverse reactions, the leaflet promised indeed many. On Day 1 I had only dry mouth which is irritating but not that bad. Today is Day 3. As promised, I feel an urge to pee at random times, I can't sleep (it says Insomnia – very common), my thermoregulation is out of normality limits (Excessive sweating – very common) and I feel high. Like, after 30 coffees and half a bucket of cocaine high. The leaflet doesn't say anything, all what's promised is constipation, palpitations, worsening haemorrhoids, elevated blood pressure and a few more – since they insist that ladies use contraception, I think two-headed babies are not out of question either. It doesn't feel that bad, I mean, being high, not two-headed babies. The bad part of it is that my attention span is about ten seconds.

Funny feelings aside, it works. The sibutramine thingy, I mean. For three days, I haven't had any urge to eat a box of chocolates or a bag of raisins or any container of anything. I do eat, I was instructed by the doc to do so but I don't feel like eating. So far so good.

I feel compelled to add that I took two pairs of jeans with me. I have three pairs of black jeans, two of which are in my current size and a third one which is some 10cm around the waist smaller – which is exactly the one I grabbed by mistake. So, as a result I have one pair of wearable jeans (and you may have noticed that I wear something else than jeans approximately twice in five years). I wanted to buy something cheap but apparently I have Italian size 50 and in all normal shops they end up at 46. It's of no consolation that Italians are just mutant dwarves who have no shoes that would fit on a normally grown person either.

Written on Friday, Oct 2, I'd say.