Tuesday, September 23, 2008

To-do list

throw away old clothes
go to the doc to get sibutramine and allergy pills
mail the other doc to prescribe the other allergy meds which the first doc cannot prescribe
organize the guerrila mail delivery of the abovementioned meds to Italy - I don't trust the mail service and you know, someone at the Italian post may have an asthmatic aunt
mail some t-shirts to Olga
get passport photographs for all the upcoming paperwork (Where's my correcting pencil? I have freshly bleached hair and lots of acne, I don't want pics with acne)
get copies of my passport, cards and what else
return books to library
go to the post office to pick something there
try not to forget anything important; tootbrush isn't important, they are easy to find everywhere, passport is important (What if I forget something? Aaargh)
clean table at work
throw all old papers away from the worktable
write a paper to J. so that he may pick my international inter-library loans

If you didn't get it up till now, I am freaking out.