Sunday, October 05, 2008

Belated posts: Family holiday

I was offline so I just wrote down my rants and I'll try to publish them with a bit of delay - unedited so that you don't miss my erratic style.

Family holiday can actually be fun. Although I'm not a big fan of getting us three together for a longer time, it somehow turned out nice, without any arguments. We even stayed in a decent hotel and I didn't get any major indigestion.

First few days we spent only with my mom in Florence, wandering around the touristy places – sort of. We arrived at six in the morning so I got me a coffee (anything that contained more coffee than the dirty water they served on the train) and then went hanging around. The well-known fact of touristy places is that the tourists wake up around nine so before that, you can have space, natives and all the normal things. Like, Ponte Vecchio with no tourists. Or just any place without tourists.

While doing this hanging around, I discovered San Stefano of which I thought it was somewhere else and San Salvatore al Vescovo (make mental note to get inside on some occasion). At noon, we transferred our stuff to the hotel. Mom bought a new backpack, claiming that she cannot use mine because it's too small.... and then I was carrying her backpack and my bag because the backpack was oh so heavy and we got off the bus one stop earlier because I'm stupid and don't have a clue and... anyway.

The last time mom was in Florence was at the end of June when it was freaking hot. She thus got the impression that in Florence it's always hot. So, we stayed in a hotel with a swimming pool which we never used (I'm not much of a swimming person anyway) because oddly enough, even in Italy they have different weather than default hot. Mom got a cold, too.

We at least walked a lot. I didn't have my camera with me because it was at dad's car somewhere in the Nothern Italy so I'll flood the world with pics sometime later.

There's a little museum on Franciscan missions in Fiesole (free entrance, donations welcome, forgot about the opening times). I adore small local museums. This one lacked legible tags, had only basic system of organizing exhibits, there were no custodians or annoying safety measures and it was totally charming.