Monday, September 08, 2008

Just so

I've moved, I'm going to Italy tomorrow and I'm tired.
I needed to make a million of very difficult decisions - will I go on Monday or on Tuesday? This one took me a month. Will I mail my professor that I'll be in Italy for a year or will I just fix an appointment and tell him in person? That was a hard one of which I was thinking since May or so. That's it - my social phobia wakes up when I need to write a mail, fill in a form or call somewhere in the future. When I'm actually standing in the office talking to someone that I need something and don't know for sure what it is, I don't care that I may appear as a total idiot. The time before is killing me.
So, I have a ticket to Florence, I fixed an appointment with the professor - I need to tell him that I'll be away for a year or so (yes, my dissertation supervisor and all I do is trying hard to avoid him), I need to do some paperwork concerning my failed philosophy paper (not that I wouldn't guess that it was a bad paper, though) and signing up for another year of study and rent my place and... well, things that actually need to be done, not pondered about.

Something will happen.