Tuesday, September 23, 2008

To-do list

throw away old clothes
go to the doc to get sibutramine and allergy pills
mail the other doc to prescribe the other allergy meds which the first doc cannot prescribe
organize the guerrila mail delivery of the abovementioned meds to Italy - I don't trust the mail service and you know, someone at the Italian post may have an asthmatic aunt
mail some t-shirts to Olga
get passport photographs for all the upcoming paperwork (Where's my correcting pencil? I have freshly bleached hair and lots of acne, I don't want pics with acne)
get copies of my passport, cards and what else
return books to library
go to the post office to pick something there
try not to forget anything important; tootbrush isn't important, they are easy to find everywhere, passport is important (What if I forget something? Aaargh)
clean table at work
throw all old papers away from the worktable
write a paper to J. so that he may pick my international inter-library loans

If you didn't get it up till now, I am freaking out.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Bored in Florence

I was in there some ten days ago but I didn't feel like writing. I needed to find out what the hell I need to sign up for the Master's course. I hadn't been able to find it on the university website so I decided to go and see.

After two days of waiting in various queues, I was told by a lady in charge of the information office that all the stuff actually is on the web. Not filed like, say, Arts Faculty - Foreign students - How to sign up and what you need but on the university website, there's a place with all the forms and on one of the forms, there's a list of requirements. So, to sign up, I need my high school graduation papers, university diploma and a list of courses I followed, all translated, legalized, stamped at two ministries, verified by the embassy. To sign up for Masters, I moreover need a permit to do so, based on professors' assesment of what I studied, meaning that I need to get the syllabi of the courses, translated and poked around as abovesaid papers. The translation costs some 18 euros per page, my diploma is four pages of rants. I don't have the syllabi yet, they'll be somewhere online sometime in October.

My father says that a good boss needs to know the art of delegating. I thus double-checked what needs to be done, step by step, and passed it onto my friends since it all needs to be done in Prague and I need to be in Italy. When mother asked how is that going, I told her that I followed my father's teachings and delegated the jobs. She said we're both the same: crazy.

I however found the lodging (in Florence) in a decent neighbourhood, within a walking distance to anywhere and with a view of a railway station. I admit, I love trains.

I spent four days in Florence without visiting any fancy place, museum or monument. Two days were devoted to attempts of paperwork, two were spent idling. Yes, I'm even worse than you expected.

Monday, September 08, 2008

Just so

I've moved, I'm going to Italy tomorrow and I'm tired.
I needed to make a million of very difficult decisions - will I go on Monday or on Tuesday? This one took me a month. Will I mail my professor that I'll be in Italy for a year or will I just fix an appointment and tell him in person? That was a hard one of which I was thinking since May or so. That's it - my social phobia wakes up when I need to write a mail, fill in a form or call somewhere in the future. When I'm actually standing in the office talking to someone that I need something and don't know for sure what it is, I don't care that I may appear as a total idiot. The time before is killing me.
So, I have a ticket to Florence, I fixed an appointment with the professor - I need to tell him that I'll be away for a year or so (yes, my dissertation supervisor and all I do is trying hard to avoid him), I need to do some paperwork concerning my failed philosophy paper (not that I wouldn't guess that it was a bad paper, though) and signing up for another year of study and rent my place and... well, things that actually need to be done, not pondered about.

Something will happen.