Friday, November 07, 2008

Just so - belated post.

Written some three days ago. Not published for unknown reason.

I've been somewhat lazy lately. Not actually lazy in the full sense of the word, rather unproductive. I followed too much of the U. S. presidential elections, browsed too much of eBay, read too much on the internetz or elsewhere. The results: no work done, too much money spent.

Speaking of eBay, some dearie seems to have sent my yarn to my other address (although I specifically ask them to disregard the PayPal address and mail the stuff to Italy all the time) so my mom freaked out that I'm getting mail from the U.S. and it may be something important, who the hell mails you from the U.S. and it must be important when they didn't just toss it in the mailbox and I have to go to the post office. I lied that it may be an early Christmas gift from a friend. Lying online is much easier than lying face to face although I've mastered even that due to some pecularities in my parents' personalities.

Speaking of eBay, I got two pairs of jeans that should be theoretically my size but are somewhat smaller. Damn. Just after I ran out of my hunger-surpressing pills.

*wanders off to put the cookie bag in the pantry*

Olga will resell them in case things don't change until I see her to retrieve the hidden yarn Jean sent me to her place (after my mom's great tantrum of September), I'm going to see her, get drunk and bring her the stuff of hers, such as the sweater from the previous post. I have not finished it yet, sleeves are almost redne but meantime I ripped the other sweater and I'm knitting from the yarn heaps on the floor which may not be moved and the Olga's sweater is just under them.

And, then the sweater for Susan and the mittens and cap for Elisabeth. I guess I need to go and work.