Tuesday, January 02, 2007

on christmas

We solemnly kept the traditions of Christmas arguing.
I got what I either asked for or bought myself with the exception of a laptop... well,thinking of it, Dad had been asking something along the lines - Mom had told him that I actually hate laptops so he had wanted to make sure (I told Mom that as for me, I don't need a laptop, that any decent computer does and as far as I know, with the same performace laptops are twice that expensive so I'd rather stick with the big thing. She translated it that I hate laptops. It was Dad who had sighed) that I don't throw it on his head. I didn't. I was pretty happy, this borrowed comp is passable but crappy.
I didn't finish the sweater for Mom. I wanted to hide upstairs many times but I simply had to be around in case she dropped something and needed to pick it... or just to look busy with housework. She will get it for birthday which is in the beginning of January... no problem.
I decided to knit a Selbu sweater during the Christmas idling.