Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Fingers on fire

I can knit damn fast but I didn't make it before Christmas Eve so the mohair sweater will be given to Mom for her birthday on January... I explained that I'm an asshole and I just stored the gift so nicely that I cannot find it.
I got a laptop, a new discman (yes, it's obsolete technology but I like CDs. And I'm used to tossing them around and stuff), some stuff against acne, new belt, since my Tesco jeans fell apart or disssolved in Mom's washing powder or what, I'll get a new pair in the post-Christmas sale, after all I have Tesco nearly next door...
I got no yarn but Mom stopped nagging about my knitting when I told her that I want to make myself a Selbu sweater during the Christmas break. I made a sample, counted stitches and calculated everything nicely, cast on and after like ten rows I found out that the circumference of the damn thing was like one meter eighty. (Meaning that I'd have to wear six sweaters and a pack of straw underneath to make it fit.)
Then I ripped it, recalculated and whee, it was like 80cm which is something like 20cm less than my maximum circumference. Rip again. I stopped calculating, did some qualified guesswork and it seems to be ok. Well, 100cm so it'll be pretty tight but I plan to lose some weight anyway. Like 15kilos.

To be possibly continued.

Okay. Did I say that I got myself a ball winder? For like five euros, from an internet auction. It's a piece of old crap, no desing or anything, but it works. The dark balls are my own handpainted sock yarn, I'm knitting a sock from it around now and it looks cool, the two colours are making a spiral going up the sock. The third one is jsut some vintage stuff. note also that wherever I go, I have the Nescafe cups. Usually full of some related liquid. No advert meant, I don't drink Nescafe itself as long as there's a better option. Yeah, and the sock yarn handpaint will be available on etsy (and cheap) as soon as I'm back home and free to dye stuff.