Friday, December 22, 2006

Pre-Christmas things

Like parties.
On Tuesday 18 (I think) there was something going on at Valpuri's place - opening of their home exhibitionto be exact. I planned to drop for an hour and go home to knit the Christmas sweater or do something similarly homely and uninteresting but I simply got stuck there. First I started talking to a girl who I guessed Finnish at the first sight but when she introduced herself as Maria (pronounced the American way, ma-ree-ah), I admitted not being right all the time. Surprisingly in that artist den, she was a law student and a flatmate of one of the inhabitants... back home in Finland. And she explained that she just didn't like her name.
Katarina wanted to come but didn't manage, just called to say hello to Valpuri from someone called Lenka from Brno who should have curly hair.... then Valpuri appeared with some more people so I told her the message and the girl next to her yelled Oh that's me, the curly Lenka and explained that her boyfriend went to fix a computer to Katarina's sister's place and there they met and started discussing art people and it was proven that the world is smaller than expected.
However, the whole thing was interesting. Then we moved from the appartment to the Academy where there were more interesting and funny people and at midnight when I wanted to be at home and asleep I found myself standing in a courtyard on some crate with a bunch of students of sculpture, singing folk songs. (I have pics in some other comp, check someday).
I came home at like three in the morning (and the night trams were full of people who I wouldn't choose as a company voluntarily) and just fell to bed. I wanted to leave early for parents' but since I wouldn't be able to take any early train, I took the one at nine or so.....
Tähti was a nuisance the first half an hour and then slept. Some lady in the compartment was coomenting that the poor animal is scared (Tähti said meow meaning I"m thinking about turning to my other side) and how cruel it is to force sucha cute kitty to travel. She scratched the purring Tähti on her neck and said Oh my, how fast her heart is beating, she's soooooscared. Tähti has a quiet purr and one couldn't hear it on the train and the woman who evidently was of the I'll make the world better sort mistook the vibrating larynx for tachycardia. Sigh.
Dad picked me at the station, I left the suitcase full of pastries (this year I did the baking) and the cat at home and went to the office to say hello to the guys.