Saturday, December 16, 2006


I got another yarn, obviously. It's brown with golden highlights and it's wonderful but for the colour. I hate brown. It looked grey on the website. I thought I would match it to the grey one I already had and the combination doesn't look that absolutely bad... but it's so plain that it's killing me. So I took the Florence book in order to find some inspiration and I'll be dyeing. What and how I don't know yet, though.
I was out for a lunch with Sanna yesterday. We talked about my taking care for the foreign students, I told her how some even don't bother to answer mails and things, such as one guy we both know and she was so surprised that I'm in charge of him, she exclaimed that she had thought I was only harassing him. As if my only life's goal was to rape any Finn in the city. Sigh.
I got a mail from a friend that she's sort of recovering from breast cancer. I hadn't heard form her for some time and I guessed she was busy with research or something. Sigh again. I'll knit her a cap with reindeer or something.